Director of Research and Information.

Hello, I'm Cristina, the  Director of Research and Information and co-founder of Agora. With years of experience in academic research and an absolute love for knowledge and education, I curate the Learning Hub.

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A place to learn, a place to share.

I know how overwhelming the extensive amount of information can be out there. That's why here we provide you with an easily accessible treasure trove of educational resources and specialised content, straight from professional organisations and universities. Our goal? To make sure you get the information you need in a format that's not just informative, but also enjoyable to read!

I explore a wide range of publications such as international medical journals, published academic research, and cutting-edge journalistic articles to provide a varied selection of informative articles not just from a scientific perspective but also addressing a more holistic approach to women's health.

All of this is my way of promising you comprehensive, diverse, and totally reliable information on the latest and greatest in women's health. So let’s start this journey together empowering ourselves through knowledge.