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  • 10th May

    Flow & Function


    Heard of cycle syncing? A popular term being used but what does it mean and how can it benefit you? Plus why is the pelvic floor is important and what is the best way to strengthen it? 

    Our menstrual cycle and pelvic health workshop will help you understand your cycle in more detail and how pelvic floor strength is crucial for women at all stages of life. 

    Experts Cristina and Grace from Agora Health will teach you about the different phases of your cycle and how this may impact your lifestyle. They will help you understand how being in tune with your cycle can optimise your fitness, appetite and mood and discuss how pelvic health is essential for every woman.

    Anna, Pelvic Health expert at Core LDN, will explain how pelvic floor strength can support you through all stages of life from puberty to pregnancy/ postnatal to pre and post menopause. You will learn how to find and engage your pelvic floor correctly, how to take this into your fitness regime plus through Pilates will give you her top tips on how to strengthen your pelvic floor and optimise your pelvic health.

    Through discussion and exercise this workshop is your opportunity to learn and openly ask questions, leaving you equipped with the tools to harness the power of your cycle more effectively in the future and optimise your pelvic floor strength and overall pelvic health.

    Food and drinks provided and a wellness goodie bag with £60 worth of wellness products.

  • Female Founder Series / Made of More

    As a brand proudly founded by women, we’re passionate about uplifting fellow female entrepreneurs and the exceptional businesses they’ve built.

    To celebrate and share their achievements, we’re thrilled to announce our Female Founders Live Series. Join us as we spotlight these inspiring brands and gain invaluable insights into the rewarding, though sometimes demanding, journey of women in business.

  • What is POI aka Early Menopause?

    We had a wonderful conversation with Sheree who shared her remarkable journey with POI, a term that refers to early menopause.Diagnosed at just 15, Sheree discussed the profound effects this condition has had on her life. This discussion is not only enlightening but also underscores the importance of education about POI.Understanding how it impacts women can empower you to advocate for accurate diagnoses and appropriate care.

  • Endometriosis Awareness Month with Dr Tesh

    Endometriosis Q&A With GP Dr Tesh and Grace.
    Grace is a founder of Agora Health - a movement to democratise women’s health. She asks Dr Tesh Amarasinghe, GP from Chelsea, all about endometriosis:
    • What is endometriosis?
    • What are the possible symptoms?• What can you do if you think you have it?
    • What treatments could help?