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A woman-owned business.

A brand crafted by and for women.

Our Story

Mother & Daughter founded.

We are a mother and daughter, Cristina and Grace and we have both had our own issues with our hormonal health. Navigating the different stages in our lives we’ve often felt unheard and misunderstood by the healthcare system and society. We reached the conclusion that one of the major causes of this was the lack of information that is available about women’s health and wellbeing. There are so many issues related to women's health that still hold social stigma and are simply not discussed enough in our education system, mainstream media and amongst ourselves. In a recent research conducted by The National Institute for Health and Care in the UK,  ‘lack of knowledge ‘ and ‘lack of cultural awareness’ have been identified as two of the major causes for women feeling unheard and misunderstood by medical professionals. 

In the last five years there  has been a big influx of women speaking out and trying to raise more awareness on the matter and we wanted to contribute to this movement by providing one integral hub that covers all health and wellbeing matters. The concept behind Agora is to streamline information, products and useful tips into one place. Making it easier to access all the support and knowledge required to navigate your wellbeing.

The core values of our philosophy are honesty, respect and compassion. Agora is a place where we can thrive together and honesty and transparency in what we do is imperative for us. This isn’t a brand centred around profit making but supporting a bigger cause to help and empower women and this is at the forefront of all that we do. Being honest and transparent in our communication and our brand selection is what we pride ourselves on. We strongly encourage a culture of respect and compassion within our community because creating a safe space for all is our main aim. We strive to celebrate inclusivity and diversity in a genuine and positive way and make all those that work with us, follow us and support us feel seen and heard.

Our online platform is where you can find everything we do. We have a variety of different resources, blogs and virtual talks in which we explore different women’s health issues with the guidance of professionals and specialists in the field. We don’t shy away from any topics, from hormonal health, sexual health, nutrition, fitness and beauty we cover all the things that impact your mental and physical wellbeing. We are proud to have partnered with some amazing brands and offer a range of gorgeous products from brands that are minority or female founded, eco-friendly and share our ethical values. 

Alongside our online platform we also host in person talks and events that are a great way for us to connect with our community in a relaxed and fun social setting. We’re very excited  to be organising pop-up stores in 2024  so we can reach different areas and different communities with a physical space filled with all the brands we love, fitness sessions and mini treatments.

  • products

    We curate our product selection with a focus on sustainability and conscious consumption, carefully choosing items that resonate with our values.

  • People

    We collaborate with a diverse group of accredited professionals to offer a comprehensive spectrum of advice, solutions, and information.

  • Places

    We continuously seek out the finest locations, ranging from clinics to fitness studios and beyond, to curate captivating and enjoyable experiences and events.