Deliciously healthy Christmas.

Article published at: Agora London Feb 7, 2024
Deliciously healthy Christmas.
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As we step into the festive season, we all aspire to radiate happiness, vitality, and tranquillity. Our metabolism plays a pivotal role in shaping our lifestyle, and even a minor undetected hormonal imbalance can disrupt its delicate equilibrium. In this blog, I'm excited to share some practical tips on how to enhance your overall well-being through mindful food and drink choices during this celebratory time. Additionally, we'll explore strategies to address the effects of hormonal imbalance, allowing you to fully savour the season.

The Impact of Dietary Preferences:

I love food and I know how our food choices play a significant role in shaping our well-being, both individually and collectively. The age-old adage "we are what we eat" traces its roots back to Greek philosophy, notably with Hippocrates, who recognised the profound connection between us, the environment and the effects of food and beverages on our health.

In recent times, naturopaths have developed specialised diets tailored to support women's health. However, these diets can sometimes be demanding to adhere to, particularly during the festive season. I believe that it's crucial to find a balance that aligns with your lifestyle and preferences. The good news is that maintaining a balanced metabolism doesn't have to be a bland or uninspiring endeavour. 

Here are some suggestions of foods I like to make, incorporating foods rich in essential nutrients is an easy way to feel more energised and boost your immunity. Consuming  vitamin B6 through a nice spinach salad paired with delightful small potatoes (we have a great variety in the UK) and possibly complementing them with salmon or tuna, drizzled with olive oil and sprinkled with pine nuts, can make a world of difference and is truly delicious! Don't forget to embrace the festive abundance of nuts, from heart-healthy walnuts and pistachios to the cherished roasted chestnuts that are full of vitamins and contain healthy fats.

Sometimes little changes in our food and drink habits really can make a difference to our metabolism. For example,  supporting your digestive system in efficiently eliminating oestrogen and preventing its reactivation (which can lead to an oestrogen imbalance) can be as straightforward as adding natural yoghurt to your daily snacks. Top it with berries or toasted almond flakes for a delectable touch, or, in the spirit of the season, a sprinkle of gingerbread biscuits.

Herbal Teas I can’t stop drinking:

I personally am a big fan of herbal teas and I remember discovering many of them during my puberty, using some herbal teas to help me get through my painful periods or simply to help me relax before my cycle. Why not elevate your beverage choices by incorporating herbal teas known for their therapeutic properties and you will see a difference in your metabolism and overall well being.  Personally, I find comfort in the invigorating warmth of ginger tea, I love drinking HotTea mama’s Morning Rescue tea which is a great caffeine alternative in the morning. With ginger root and lemon balm this tea is like a comforting hug in every sip. 

After attending numerous Christmas gatherings, a soothing cup of the Head Start blend with relaxing rose petals or Take a Pause with sage and valerian can be valuable allies in achieving a state of tranquillity and finding some peace in the festive chaos. 

These teas have antioxidant properties and can help alleviate fatigue and headaches. If you're not a fan of lavender oil for relaxation and sleep improvement, consider opting for chamomile or the delightful bergamot, whether in oil form or as herbal tea there are plenty of options on the market. You will be able to find a gorgeous range of herbal tea when our online store launches later this month.

Another great ingredient is fennel either as a tea or include  fennel seeds in salads or soups which can aid  digestion while offering stress relief and hormonal balance support.

This festive season let's celebrate not only with joyous gatherings and cherished traditions, but also with conscious choices that nurture our well-being. By incorporating these thoughtful suggestions into your lifestyle, you can embark on a journey towards a balanced and harmonious festive season.

As I conclude, know that you are not alone on this path to better health and wellness. Your journey is unique but together we form a community of strength and support.

Let’s thrive together

Cristina x