Embracing Menopause: A Holistic Journey with Agora and Katie Rowe-Ham.

Article published at: Agora London Feb 1, 2024
Embracing Menopause: A Holistic Journey with Agora and Katie Rowe-Ham.
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Welcome to another exciting week at Agora!

Our deep commitment to a holistic approach is at the heart of how we explore menopause. At Agora, we understand the crucial importance of addressing this transformative phase with a comprehensive mindset. That's why we team up with a community of experts and specialists in the health and wellbeing sector to provide you with tailored solutions. As mentioned last week, we are thrilled to introduce you to our collective, unveiling the reasons behind our partnerships and the invaluable offerings they bring as we continue to grow.

This week, let's meet Katie Rowe-Ham, a passionate Menopause Women’s Health Coach and the founder of Owning Your Menopause. She's the brains behind the first of its kind app that offers live and on demand workouts for women navigating menopause. Katie's personal journey sheds light on the lack of information women have about crucial life stages like menopause, and how this contributes to making them feel isolated and scared.

Let’s explore Katie's inspiring journey, told in her own words.

Tell us about your background/stories.

I found myself plunged into perimenopause at 42 while juggling 3 children , a job, and navigating lockdown. I was completely unaware of what was happening. I was training the way I used to but had more aches and pains. I was having terrible night sweats leading to chronic fatigue. I was experiencing heart palpitations and breathlessness. I felt isolated and invisible, yet life was hectic. I felt lost. I eventually worked out that what I was experiencing were many of the symptoms that show up in menopause but like most women I was relatively ill-educated on this at the time .

What led you to start your brand?

I went on to work out what it was I needed to do to thrive and get back to feeling like me again. This led me to spearhead the creation of my app and write a book so that my experience and learning would help other women avoid a similar journey.

What qualification /experience do you have that supports your brand?

Life experience which I think is key in order to be able to relate and support other women is in my opinion my best qualification. However, I also have a Level 3 PT certificate and have done the Burrell Further Education course in Menopause and the Fourteen Fish course designed by Louise Newson.

What is the driving force and philosophy behind your brand? 

My passion and my children. I don’t want them to experience the same.  I want them to always be able to support any partner, colleague, and family members who may find themselves being negatively impacted by Menopause.

My philosophy is that we need to encourage and support women to recognise what is normal for them, to empower women to embrace positive changes they experience and to understand the profound influence that diet and exercise can have on their long-term health.

What impact do you aspire to achieve with your brand?

I aim for OYM to inspire women going through menopause, helping them discover a passion for physical activity and illustrating how maintaining a healthy diet can genuinely transform this life stage into a positive experience. Providing women with the necessary tools for thriving is a crucial objective.

Describe your brand in 3 words?

Supportive, Empowering, Lifechanging

What values does your brand share with Agora?

Inspiring women to see there is support when navigating menopause and signposting them in the right direction.

Share 2 things that people wouldn't necessarily know about you.

I have sung on stage really badly with Sister Sledge and I didn’t qualify until I was 40 - this only shows us it's never too late to do something you love.

We trust you have found Katie’s story inspirational! Gear up for the approaching year as we anticipate engaging in collaborative projects. Come along on an invigorating journey with us as we reveal initiatives that mirror our common passion and strong commitment to improve women's health and wellbeing.

As I conclude, know that you are not alone on this path to better health and wellness. Your journey is unique but together we form a community of strength and support.

Let’s thrive together,

 Cristina x